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How does Jobbatical work?

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We write your job ad

Based on what you're looking for, our copywriters put together an engaging job ad for you


registered technology, business and creative professionals


unique monthly visitors from 196 countries


clients and 2,300+ international hiring campaigns across 76 countries

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Your global hiring campaign begins

Here's what your 60-day campaign includes:

Global talent pool

Your job is open to applications from our global user base of 100,000+ experienced professionals.

Social sharing

We share your job on our social media channels, making sure it reaches as many people as possible.

Sourcing from our database

Our dedicated sourcing team seeks out Jobbatical users best qualified for the job and invites them to apply.

Application filtering

We filter out any spam and irrelevant applications so that only good matches end up in your inbox.

Solid support

Our customer success team is only a quick message away if you need any help during your hiring campaign.
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Watch the applications roll in

Applicant management is a breeze with our intuitive interface. Here's what you get:

Applicant management tools

Our handy tools let you move candidates between stages and give you a convenient overview of your hiring process.

ATS integration

You can integrate your Jobbatical account with Greenhouse or Workable, allowing you to process all your applications in one place.
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Leave the paperwork to us

Once you've made your dream hire, we help you relocate them.

Jobbatical's immigration service is currently active in Germany, Estonia, Spain (Barcelona), Singapore, Latvia, Finland, Netherlands, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Japan, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Austria, Serbia, South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

They are hiring with us

  • "We had two campaigns and most likely six will be hired. Never imagined that kind of high-level people to apply. We have people from top companies, including Google, IBM, Walt Disney; from top universities, including Fletchers, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Berkeley. From top gov positions, including Estonian Government Office and French Government Office.”
    Kaspar Korjus - Managing Director, E-Residency
  • "Jobbatical allows you to bring talent, global quality talent, to Latin America”
    Andres Barreto - General Partner at Socialatom Ventures
  • “If your team’s mission is to grow and your task is to find A players in Estonia, you’re in trouble. Jobbatical took a load off my chest. I don’t know exactly how they do it—they have lots of good candidates. At Shipitwise we are happy to hire, and it’s a pleasure working with you guys & gals ;)”
    Ragmar Saksing - Co-Founder & CTO, Shipitwise
  • “The transition has been super smooth, natural and rapid. Almost unnoticed.”
    Urmas Peiker - Co-founder, Funderbeam
  • “It’s been an amazing opportunity for us to just meet people who are looking to travel.”
    Ai Ching - Founder and CEO, Piktochart
  • We decided to hire the Argentinian developer. Initially we didn't want to do it as it is overly complicated to arrange his work and residence permits as he isn't from Europe. Nevertheless, he was by far the best developer we found (plus with background in 3D printing) so we had to hire him.”
    Julio Tiusanen - Co-Founder, Platonics
  • “Jobbatical was a lot of help.”
    Deborah Wolley - Director of Marketing, Outward Bound Costa Rica
  • “I like you guys because of the vision you have and I share. And hopefully in the future, this will be the norm.”
    Joaquin - e-Commerce Manager, Nowboat

Why hire internationally?

Cast a wider net

If you’re limiting your talent search to your country, you’re missing out on a world of choices.

Find the best fit

The right person for your team could be half a world away. Don’t let that stop you from hiring them.

Gain fresh perspectives

International talent comes with experience and insights your team doesn’t have — yet.

Crack new markets

People with different language skills and cultural backgrounds can help you expand globally.

What the press is saying

  • “Would you be interested in taking a Jobbatical?” — Inc
  • “Need A Break From Home, But Want To Keep Working? Take A Jobbatical” — FastCompany
  • “Jobbatical provides an international “help-wanted” platform, filling a gap in the market for employers seeking talent.” — Wall Street Journal
  • “Jobbatical aims to match the skill sets and travel aspirations of tech and startup professionals with companies in search of talent.” — Business Insider

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