Where is the world of global mobility moving (pun intended)? What’s making your international team members happy and what could you be doing better to retain them? Here’s a selection of global mobility trends to help HR professionals shape smart mobility and employee relocation policies.

Why and where are people moving in 2019 and onwards?

What’s making your international hires happy (or unhappy)

Diversity and inclusion: easier said than done

How Global Mobility teams are working now and how they want to work

Where the world is going

It's not all sunshine and roses for talent mobility. The ongoing war for talent and changing business needs are putting pressure on HR to evolve. According to PwC’s annual global CEO survey, 55% of leaders are planning to change their global mobility strategy.

But there's no reason to pout either. For those GM teams that consider immigration compliance their biggest challenge, there’s good news. For 2020, PwC reassuringly predicts that governments and regulators will finally accept the economic benefits of talent mobility.

This should lead to greater collaboration between governments and businesses and help remove some of the barriers to global mobility.

Hiring international talent?

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